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We have been huge Settlers Life fans for many years. Scott Burke has served two terms on the Advisory Board for Settlers Life (2015 and 2016) and have had a lot of input along with other board members on current and future improvements to Settlers product and procedures.

Settlers Life offers final expense life insurance for ages 0-85. Their product has a LOT of options and is probably one of best designed products in the industry.

Special Limited Time Offer for NEW Settlers Life Agents! (National Underwriting Service, LLC) has a special promotion for all our Settlers Life agents running from August 1st 2016 through December 31st 2016! Agents will contract at the

115% commission level

will receive DOUBLE their Benchmark Bonus Credits. Your Benchmark Bonus (and our doubling of the bonus) can be spent in any way you see fit. Use it for business expenses or for personal income. Take that extra vacation and relax after all your hard work.

 Increase your production and earn even BIGGER bonuses!
Monthly Production* FexContracting Agents Double Bonus Now through December 31st 2016
Founder $3,334 $350 (doubles to $700)
Achiever $4,167 $500 (doubles to $1,000)
President $8,334 $1,000 (doubles to $2,000)
Chairman $12,500 $1,500 (doubles to $3,000)
Spartan $16,667 $2,000 (doubles to $4,000)

Guidelines:Monthly production is based on net-annualized premium production each month.
25% of single pay and annual pay net-annualized premium will count towards monthly production.
Monthly bonuses will be distributed on or before the 15th of the following month.
Benchmark Bonuses are dependent upon adherence to our quality benchmark requirements (Form S-32).
Settlers Life is the final interpreter of these rules and guidelines; all decisions made by Settlers Life will be final.Note: The doubling of the bonus will be paid from National Underwriting Service, LLC. We will use the info from Settlers Life to determine who earned the bonus and how much they are to receive. The amount that Settlers Life determines you have earned with their bonus is the amount you will also receive from us. Bonus’s earned in December will be paid in January 2017.












What makes Settlers unique is you have so MANY options all within one application. With most companies, when you run into the occasional Single premium sale you have to pull out a completely different application (if you’re lucky enough to have it with you) and go through entirely different underwriting. Same for 10-pay life or other options that you only use occasionally.

With Settlers, if you have your regular everyday final expense application you have everything you might need.

Single premium case? Got it.

10-pay or 20-pay case? Got it.

Product for people under age 50? Yes, all the way down to six months old!

Need an accidental rider? You have it.

Need a no-cost grandchild benefit? Yes, you have it.

Need a product for someone who will only pay by monthly bill? You have it.

Need a product for very small face amounts? You have it.

Need a near guaranteed issue product that will accept almost any health condition but also pay you good 1st year commission and renewals? Now you have it!

Call Mark Stover at (800) 673-5309 to contract with Settlers Life today

Settlers has a 3-tier application to health qualify for different levels (gold, silver or bronze). Once you decide through the health questions which product they fit in, you can offer them choices of a single payment plan, a 10-pay plan, a 20-pay plan or a lifetime payment plan.

FREE Child/Grandchild coverage! Would this help you make more sales? Child-Grandchild Benefit Settlers

With Settlers you can also offer an affordable accidental rider which is not limited to doubling the face amount. It’s been very popular in my experience to offer the $15,000 policy with the $35,000 accidental rider. This gives them a total of $50,000 if they die in any type of accident and $15,000 for a natural death.

What would all these options be worth if it took you an hour to calculate them? Settlers has an excellent web-based smart phone app to quickly calculate ALL their options and give the client choices.

At we not only contract you to sell the best FE companies but we train you too. Every Friday morning you can be on our FexAgent call and learn exactly how so many of our agents sell over $200,000 per year. Learn every detail of how to be a Final Expense Professional and out-smart your competition.

Settlers also has agent award trips, weekly cash draws and other bonus contests throughout the year.

Call Mark Stover at (800) 673-5309 to get Contracted with Settlers Life Today !



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