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Settlers Life offers final expense life insurance for ages 0-85. Their product has a LOT of options and is probably one of best designed products in the industry.

Download Settlers Contracting packet here Settlers New Contracting 2014.5  Or call Mark Stover at (800) 673-5309

Settlers has a 3-tier application to health qualify for different levels (gold, silver or bronze). Once you decide through the health questions which product they fit in, you can offer them choices of a single payment plan, a 10-pay plan, a 20-pay plan or a lifetime payment plan.

FREE Child/Grandchild coverage! Would this help you make more sales? Child-Grandchild Benefit Settlers

With Settlers you can also offer an affordable accidental rider which is not limited to doubling the face amount. It’s been very popular in my experience to offer the $15,000 policy with the $35,000 accidental rider. This gives them a total of $50,000 if they die in any type of accident and $15,000 for a natural death.

Settlers policies also offer a Funeral Trust for immediate protection from Medicaid as well as an Estate Planning Trust for people who want to plan ahead. These trusts do not add any additional charges.

Settlers allows monthly checking/savings account auto draft OR monthly billing. They also have quarterly, semi-annual and annual billing.

What would all these options be worth if it took you an hour to calculate them? Settlers has an excellent web-based smart phone app to quickly calculate ALL their options and give the client choices.

At we not only contract you to sell the best FE companies but we train you too. Every Friday morning you can be on our FexAgent call and learn exactly how agents who are selling over $100,000 per year are so successful. Learn every detail of how to be a Final Expense Professional and out-smart your competition.

Settlers also has agent award trips, weekly cash draws and other bonus contests throughout the year.

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Settlers New Contracting 2014.5


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